‘Apsaugos Komanda’ Ltd. is rendering security services all over Lithuania.

The licence issued by the Interior Ministry  entitles the Company to realize the armed guarding of habitation, movable property, and real estate of customers, personal security services, including bodyguard and protection services for natural persons against possible murderous assaults or other criminal attempts to maim, and to render cash services.  

The management and quality of ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. meet the requirements of international standards. This is proved by the certificate LST EN ISO 9001:2008 issued to the Company by authorized auditors.



‘Apsaugos Komanda’ Ltd. provides a wide range of services across a wide range of sectors including:

1. Physical security equipment. This means the providing security of the objects connected to the central watch control panel. These services are rendered by means of computer security control panels through telephonic, radio-wave, GSM, and internet communication. The Company’s mobile patrol groups provide emergency response to the alarm signals received from the objects guarded seven days per week, twenty four hours a day. Should the Company fail to fulfill its obligations, it indemnifies for the damage caused through the Company’s fault. In detail >>

2. Manned security services at receptions and in territories.  This means the manned guarding of objects. An armed security guard who is on duty on a regular or contract basis ensures the observation of procedures established at the object and the procedure for entrance by showing permits, responses to alarm signals, detains the offenders of the procedures established, and performs other functions connected with the security of the object. If any hazard arises, mobile patrol crews will come to support the security guard. In detail >>

3. Personal security services. If you or the members of your family face any danger to life or health, your security will be assured by specially trained bodyguards. If necessary, the Company also assures the security of a customer in the course of making deals. In detail >>

4. Cargo & convoy security. This means the security of the vehicle, its passengers, and cargo including the documents accompanying cargo that is the Company’s security guard alone or group of security guards will a vehicle the place of destination. If cargo is to be escorted to Latvia, Estonia, Russia, or Poland, these functions in the countries mentioned will be performed by our partners. In detail >>

5. Cash services. The services are rendered in compliance with legal acts and the requirements established by the Bank of Lithuania and a customer. In detail >>

6. Valuables transportation. The Company provides the services of secure transportation the customer’s valuables. If necessary, the Company provides the customer with a vehicle for the transportation of valuables. In detail >>

7. Mobile patrol. The ‘Apsaugos komanda’ mobile patrol group, at random intervals throughout each 24 hours, carries out an agreed number of inspection on each site, evaluates the situation inside and outside the objects guarded. In detail >>

8. Event security. The Company provides integrated security: assures the security of people and of material valuables, maintains public order during different public events such as holidays, concerts, conferences, summits, sports competitions, and etc. In the course of assuring public order at different public events, the ‘Apsaugos komanda‘ employees cooperate with the police. In detail >>.

9. Vehicle security. To protect and monitor vehicles, the Company applies the satellite GPS (Global Positioning System) system and the advantages provided by mobile communication. The GPS vehicle tracking device enables to determine the accurate geographical coordinates and movement speed of the vehicle. To protect the vehicle against theft, the vehicle’s alarm system is connected to the GPS system. In this way, the Company will immediately receive information of any theft attempts and will be able to determine the accurate location of the vehicle. In detail >>

10. Integrated security. To make the object’s security as effective as possible, one needs to analyze all risk factors and apply complex security means. To meet the customer’s demand for a complete security solution, the Company’s employees will deliberately evaluate any possible hazards to the object (objects) and determine the number and type of organizational and technical means to be applied to enhance the object’s security. As a rule, the process of realization of the complete security solution is divided into several stages. The further object’s security will be realized in compliance with the complete security solution approved by the customer. In detail >>

11. Vehicle tracking. The Company provides customers with information necessary for the effective management of their vehicles in an emergency situation. When providing vehicle tracking services, the Company is able to register the location of the vehicle, the distance passed by the vehicle per day, the driver’s working and rest hours, the places of stops, the amount of fuel used, the time and place for filling in and discharge of fuel, the vehicle’s average speed, and the rotations of the vehicle’s engine. The system connected to the vehicle’s alarm system will immediately inform about theft and indicate the accurate location of the vehicle. If necessary, the appropriate reports prepared by the Company are available to customers. To control, monitor, and ensure the security the movement of vehicles, the Company applies the satellite GPS system and benefits from the advantages provided by mobile communication. For the being time, the usage of these systems gives the most reliable and effective results enabling to effectively ensure the tracking and security of vehicles. In detail >>

13. Consultancy services. The Company provides entities, institutions, organizations, and natural persons with consultations on the issues of security organizing, installation of alarm systems, and the improvement thereof. The Company’s employees will suggest the best security solution for and the most suitable physical security equipment in compliance with the object data, the layout of premises or territory specified by the customer The Company provides customers with advice how to behave in emergency situations. In detail >>

The Company’s civil responsibility has been insured in the insurance company ‘BTA Insurance Company’ SE branch of Lithuania. Should the Company fail to fulfill its obligations, it indemnifies for the damage caused through the Company’s fault.

For the being time the Company is in charge for the security of over 30000 objects. The Company’s sufficient financial resources allow using high technologies and up-to-date software and hardware.

If you need any additional information, please, call to any ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. subsidiary.