Objective and quality

‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. aims to provide qualitative security services by technical, physical, and legal means to legal and natural persons all over Lithuania to meet their natural and vital needs for security.

The Company’s competent business activities, high technologies, including engineering, technical, organizational, and intellectual actions, firm business relations with other security companies and the manufacturers and installers of security equipment inside and outside Lithuania assure the provision of our customers with the most qualitative services. The Company has carried out its business activities for ten years already and has achieved good positions in the Lithuanian security market with increasing growth in the number of customers and the range of the services rendered. The Company’s business activities rest on four milestones that is competence, flexibility, complexity, and innovation.  ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. competence and reliability has been recognized by hundreds of customers, amongst them large national and foreign state-owned companies, insurance companies, private companies, and natural persons.

The Company has implemented the quality management system and is the holder of the LST EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate













the proof certified by independent experts proof assuring that the management of quality of services rendered by ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. meets international requirements. ‘Apsaugos komanda’ respects the interests of its customers so that it does not avoid responsibility and undertakes obligations towards its customers. 

The Company’s services are rendered at favorable and moderate prices.

Different factors encourage the Company to improve and extent its business activities: a complicated criminogenic situation in Lithuania, increasing need for business management systems, positive attitude of the Company’s employees to new security technologies, unusual fast development of telecommunication infrastructures, and the new requirements applied to Lithuania as to the member of the European Union. Our business activities are regularly modified in compliance with consistently changing market and competition conditions so that we could offer to our customers the best means of security under the most favorable terms.

The business success of the ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd depends on the activities of the patrol service.  Over 380 qualified security guards work for our patrol service; over 30 emergency response groups perform their duties every day. Emergency response groups and the employees engaged in manned security services have been duly trained and equipped. To ensure the due management of emergency response groups, the Company applies the satellite GPS system enabling to screen the movement of patrol groups, effectively coordinate their actions, and select the most suitable route to reach the object. Information about the activities of groups is stored in electronic carriers and analyzed with the purpose of further improvement of the Company’s business activities, and, if necessary, may be presented to a customer. The network of the ‘Apsaugos komanda’ mobile emergency response groups has been developed by taking into consideration the location of the objects guarded, which assures prompt arrival to the object within the possible shortest period of time after receiving an alarm signal. The security services rendered by the Company ensure prompt arrival to the object and the effective solving of the problems arisen.

Our security guards have been well trained both physically and psychologically, armed with fire-arms and specialized means (handcuffs, gas cylinders, bullet-proof waistcoats), and provided with modern radio communication means. The ‘Apsaugos komanda’ security guards on duty wear the Company’s uniform clothes and use special service cars with the Company’s symbolic signs. On request of the customer, the Company’s security guards may wear the customer’ uniform with the ‘Apsaugos komanda’ differential signs or civil clothes as requested by the customer. The average age of security guards is 27 years. Preparation for work includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills and is regularly examined at the training courses organized by the police and other institutions. The members of emergency response groups have been trained at the courses for driving under emergency conditions.

‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. is rendering security services by means of modern technologies meeting all international standards. Different data transmission technologies are used for rendering the services, amongst them up-to-date and the most reliable technologies such as GPS, GSM (GPRS, DATA, SMS), IP SMTP/SMPP, IP VPN, MPLS. These systems enable the on-line monitor and management of mobile and motionless objects and with maximal accuracy to determine the time of theft, the position of the mobile object monitored, and the direction of its movement. To record the official telephone and radio communication conversations, the Company applies special voice-recording equipment. This information is kept within the period of time established by the Company’s internal regulations and, if necessary, is available to the customer.

The Company’s success fully depends on loyal, energetic, and industrious employees strongly observing ethic norms and consistently enhancing their professional skills. Competence of security guards and their ability to be mobilized and take the situation under control is the guarantee of the quality of security services. Over 400 well trained employees work for the Company for the being time. Since ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. deliberately selects its employees and creates favorable working conditions, this minimizes the fluctuation of personnel and maintains the high quality of the services rendered. 

OUR CREDO is the high quality of services at moderate prices.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to maintain the position of the business leader who is rendering the services meeting the requirements of the highest quality standards.

OUR VISION is to provide each customer with necessary services of the highest quality, in a necessary place, and in necessary time.

If you need additional information, please, call to ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. or any Company’s subsidiary.