Vehicle Tracking

This service covers the provision of clients with the following information necessary for the efficient management of a vehicle: the location of the vehicle, the distance passed by the vehicle, the vehicle’s mileage per day, the mileage of a route, the driver’s working and rest hours, the places of stops, the amount of fuel used, the time and place of filling in and discharge of fuel, the vehicle’s average speed, and the rotations of the vehicle’s engine. If the system is connected to the vehicle‘s alarm system, it immediately informs about hijacking or theft and identifies the accurate geographical coordinates of the vehicle. If necessary, the Company prepares appropriate accounts. The system AutoGuard used for the vehicle guarding and monitoring operates on the basis of the satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) system and features the advantages provided by mobile communication. On request of a client, the Special Electronic Fuel Control Card (EFC) is used for the accurate measurement of the fuel level in one or two fuel tanks.

For the being time, this is the most reliable and efficient combination of systems enabling to operatively manage, monitor, and guard a vehicle.

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