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Physical protection

Physical protection is the protection of an event, object, territory or person when the use of technical means is insufficient and physical participation of security personnel is necessary. Most often, physical protection is needed at mass events such as celebrations, concerts, festivals and the protection of certain objects, such as shops, production premises and warehouses.

Purpose of physical protection:

  • To ensure public order with physical measures.
  • To protect objects, to ensure compliance with internal work rules and processes.
  • To protect people whose health or life is in danger.

Event protection

We carry out complex protection and public order support at various mass events, such as celebrations, concerts, festivals, conferences, meetings, sports events and other events. Our employees are prepared to protect people, material assets, ensure public order, escort and safety of participants and guests during the events, in cooperation with the police.

Guarding in posts and territories

We carry out physical protection of the objects, when an armed security employee guards constantly or at a certain time. He ensures the procedure and authorization mode set in the object, responds to alarms, detains violators of the established procedure, performs other functions related to the protection of the object. In the event of danger, the required number of mobile patrol crews arrive to help the security employee.


During the provision of the patrolling service, the security patrol crew regularly checks the object, assesses the situation in the premises and outside the building at a mutually agreed time, several times a day.

Protection of individuals

If your or your family members’ life or health are at risk, specially trained security employees will ensure personal safety.

We are ready to help you

  • We provide physical protection, but also give advice on the organization of protection and its improvement.
  • All alarm system messages, telephone conversations with the CMS, data about the movement of patrol crews are accumulated and stored in the databases and we can provide it to the client if necessary.
  • If we do not fulfil our obligations, we will compensate for the damage caused by our fault, as our civil liability is insured by the insurance company “BTA Insurance Company” SE branch in Lithuania.


  • Guarding in posts and territories
  • Shop protection
  • Mass event protection
  • Patrolling
  • Protection of individuals
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